AMAN is COR certified and we are proud of our safety record.

AMAN’s overall safety program includes regular inspections by third party safety inspectors to ensure high performance and conformation to all legislative safety protocols.

To date, none of our construction sites has seen any downtime due to COVID-19, in fact we are completing projects ahead of original schedules.

AMAN takes careful steps based on our years of experience on different work sites.

The safety of our employees, subtrades and contractors is paramount to AMAN’s success. Our approach to safe work spaces remains rooted in our commitment to analyzing potential environmental, health and safety concerns, for each project we take on. To achieve our goal of zero incidents, we identify risks early on and appropriately control them throughout the lifecycle of the project.

At AMAN, safety starts at the top with its executives.

AMAN’s safety program involves extensive training for office and site employees, trade partners and consultants, to ensure that everyone is responsible for the safety of each other and themselves.