Featured Projects

Grande Prairie Composite High School Replacement

Canadian Forces Base Healthcare Services Centre

Trout Lake K-12 School & Peerless Lake K-8 School

Bethel Transit Terminal

Camilla K-9 School Replacement

2020 4th Street Office Building

Gateway Apartments

Ecole St. Joseph 4-12 Replacement School

Calgary Westwinds Ismaili Jamatkhana

Divine Mercy Catholic Elementary School

St. Albert Transit Center & Park and Ride Facility

“AMAN became immediately involved in the projects, contributing to effective and practical construction solutions to complex design issues in a proactive, professional manner.”

“AMAN was instrumental in the development of pre-tender reports and confidently stated and delivered the Grey Nuns project under budget at tender. Also, AMAN by their early involvement on projects, have helped us develop techniques and audit methodologies that have subsequently integrated into our Quality Management System.”

R. Allan Partridge, NEXT Architecture
Partners on Grey Nuns Ambulatory Project

Extended Project List


  • David Thompson Solution Project – Leslieville & Condor Schools, Leslieville & Condor, AB
  • Paul Kane High School Replacement, St. Albert, AB
  • Divine Mercy Catholic Elementary School, Edmonton, AB
  • Camilla K-9 Replacement School, Riviere Qui Barre, AB
  • Grande Prairie Composite High School Replacement, Grande Prairie, AB
  • Four Winds School, Morinville, AB
  • Peerless Lake School, Peerless Lake, AB
  • Trout Lake School, Trout Lake, AB
  • Ecole Elementaire Ardrossan K-6 Replacement School, Ardrossan, AB
  • St. Andre Bessette Catholic High School, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
  • Ecole St. Joseph School, Whitecourt, AB
  • Edmonton Islamic Academy, Edmonton, AB
  • Bawlf Replacement School, Bawlf, AB
  • Aurora Charter School, Edmonton, AB
  • Katz Group Center for Pharmacy & Health Research, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
  • Katz Group Center for Pharmacy & Health Research, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
  • Victoria School of Performing Visual Arts, Addition & Modernization, Edmonton, AB

Health Care/Hospitals

  • Healthcare Services Center, CFB Edmonton, AB
  • Elk Point Health Care Center – Fire Alarm Upgrades, Elk Point, AB
  • St. Paul Health Center – Security Upgrades, St. Paul, AB
  • New Edmonton South Hospital – Site Works, Edmonton, AB
  • Onoway CHS Parking Lot Repairs And Roof & Window Replacement, Onoway, AB
  • Buchanan Center for Parkinsons Disease, Edmonton, AB
  • Alberta Hospital Courtyard Repairs, Edmonton, AB
  • Royal Alex Renovation, Edmonton, AB
  • Capital Health Plaza, Edmonton, AB
  • Glenrose Rehabilitation/Autism Research Clinic, Edmonton, AB
  • West Nursing Station, Misericordia Community Hospital, Edmonton, AB
  • Red Water Health Center, Renovations & Additions, Red Water, AB
  • Capital Health Center Renovations, Birth Control Center, Edmonton, AB
  • Capital Health Floors 5-14, Edmonton, AB
  • CT Scanner Addition, Wetaskiwin Health Center, Wetaskiwin, AB
  • Edmonton General Hospital, Vaccine Depot, Edmonton, AB
  • Wetaskiwin Health Center Renal Program, Wetaskiwin, AB
  • Grey Nuns Community Hospital, Ambulatory Care Development Phase 2, Edmonton, AB
  • Isolation Rooms, Leduc Health Center, Leduc, AB


  • Nisku Inn – Interior Renovations, Nisku, AB
  • Imperial Equities Industrial Center, Edmonton, AB
  • Strategic on 4th Street, Calgary AB
  • Sundance Office Building, Calgary, AB
  • Town Crest Plaza, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
  • Norwesco & Solden Fence Warehouses, Edmonton, AB
  • Lexus South Pointe, Edmonton, AB
  • Country Hills Toyota, Calgary, AB
  • Habitat Restaurant, Canmore, AB
  • Calgary South Toyota Dealership, Calgary, AB
  • Mayfield Toyota, Edmonton, AB
  • Power COMM, Edmonton, AB
  • Strathcona County North Park Compound, Sherwood Park, AB
  • Prestige Motors, Calgary, AB
  • Esso Gas Bar & Restaurant, Grassland, AB
  • Inland Cement Main Facility, Sherwood Park, AB
  • Real Canadian Superstore, Red Deer, AB
  • Tool Rental Center North Side Home Depot, Edmonton, AB
  • Regional Landfill Fleet & Administration Building, Fort McMurray, AB


  • Gateway Apartments, Airdrie, AB
  • Hampton Inn & Suites, Airdrie, AB
  • Skyview Ranch Senior Housing, Calgary, AB
  • Hampton Suites Hotel, Calgary, AB
  • Hilton Hotel, Calgary, AB
  • 102 Street Apartments, Edmonton, AB
  • CFB Wainwright Housing Phase 2B, Wainwright, AB
  • Grand Rockies Resort, Canmore, AB
  • Wainwright Housing Development, Wainwright, AB
  • Combined Officer & Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Quarters, Wainwright, AB
  • CFB Wainwright Housing Phase 2A, Wainwright, AB

Special Purpose

  • Westwinds Ismaili Community Center and Jamatkhana, Calgary, AB
  • Urban Operations Training Systems, CFB Wainwright, AB
  • Urban Operations Training Systems, CFB Edmonton, AB
  • Calgary South Jamatkhana, Addition & Renovations, Calgary, AB
  • South Transit Center – Park and Ride, St. Albert, AB
  • Bethel Transit Center, Sherwood Park, AB
  • Sportsplex Arena, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
  • Kinosoo Ridge Ski Lodge, Cold Lake, AB