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AMAN is fully committed to achieving the very best quality standard possible and providing a quality project that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our Quality Management philosophy revolves around a focus on what is right for the client and the belief that quality is everyone’s responsibility. Communication, employee involvement, commitment, accountability for continuous improvement, and inspections are tools used to ensure standards are not only met, but are exceeded.

We encourage and support full participation in the Quality Control (QC) program by all groups involved with the project.

At AMAN, we understand our main responsibilities with respect to quality to include the following:

  • Provide independent Quality Assurance/Quality Control services in the pre-construction phase to ensure that the design intent is achievable and design coordination issues are identified at an early stage;
  • Assist the Design Team to define the scope of work and responsibilities, such that interconnected systems rest ideally under one sub-contractor; and,
  • Ensure that the design intent is executed and quality is maintained as construction proceeds.

Quality Control is ongoing and is complete only when the Owner takes final acceptance of the building. With well-trained staff, an attitude of providing quality construction and appropriate supervision, testing, and inspection, quality control can be effectively achieved each and every project.

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