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AMAN not only cares deeply about the community, but also the environment.

AMAN is currently a member of Built Green and Canada Green Building. This membership emphasizes AMAN's commitment to achieving a sustainable environment through education, application and development of design tools. We feel strongly about the use of the LEED™ program to lessen the environmental impacts and reduce the amount of toxins the construction process and the building itself releases to both the environment and the inhabitants of the building.

AMAN has a LEED™ accredited professional on staff and is committed to keeping up to date with new technologies and regulations with regards to Green Building. We send our staff to seminars and courses on an ongoing basis to work towards accrediting additional staff and to encourage an environmentally friendly culture within our office and for our clients.

Our goal is to become the industry leader in environmental stewardship and the Green Builder of Choice on LEED™ projects. AMAN has gone beyond just focusing on our own green initiatives and takes pride in pursuing a leading role in sustainability. For example, we have recently developed templates that are being used by our partners and continue to work on other industry leading initiatives.

AMAN Builders is involved in the following projects that have implemented LEED™ strategies:

For more information on the Canadian LEED™ Program, please visit www.cagbc.org.

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